Volonteers handing out socks in Prauge. Spring 2023.

We Support Homeless Projects

By donating clothes for every item sold, we support local projects in European cities.

This is the main idea of our company.

Local donations around Europe

The first places we have supported are:

  • Riga
  • Bratislava
  • Dublin
  • Berlin
  • Copenhagen
  • Stockholm
  • Paris
  • Rome
  • Nuuk
  • Prague

We founded SKARN in late 2022 from our small warehouse in Denmark, and ran our first donation batch in winter/spring 2023.

So far we have donated 1,000 pairs of socks in 2023. And we plan to do much more. Join us, and let’s make a greater impact together.

We call it: GET and GIVE.

Unisex Clothing

We purely design unisex clothing. Nothing else. Our sizes are similar to regular men’s sizes. But they are made for everyone.

Our styles tend to be colourful and with a great feel to wear.

Recycled Materials

We like the idea of making a revolution in textile and clothing production. The most direct way to do this is by directly recycling and upcycling fabrics, that would otherwise end up as trash.

By taking cutoffs from the clothing industry and turning these into new yarns, we can add this material to new products.

We mix recycled materials with new “virgin” fabrics, to make them last longer and look better. But we aim for the recycled amount to be as high as possible. And at a minimum of 50%.

  • 1,000 socks donated

    The first boxes of socks arrived at our warehouse ready for donations.

    We design our socks for donation to fit the local weather. By donating warmer socks in the winter and lighter in the summer, we make the best fit.

  • Special socks for donation

    Our first donation sock for homeless projects are made of a wool mix to warm the feet of people living on the streets. This type was donated in the early spring of 2023.

  • First donation ever

    Our first donation ever was for the Copenhagen-based project: Grace Kbh. They shared a photo of the donation on their social profile.

    Follow us on Instagram for more stories about our journey to help more projects around Europe. 
  • We support UN's Goals directly by setting targets for our work and the way we design products and do business.

This involves a targeted effort towards vulnerable groups, increased access to basic resources.

A significant mobilization of resources from a number of different sources must be ensured, including increased cooperation on product development.

Reduce waste through recycling and reuse. We strive to use a minimum of 50% of recycled and upcycled fabrics in our products. Our production is located in Europe. And we want to develop products that last longer.

Donations are regulated

Our donations are approved by the board of fundraising (Indsamlingsnævnet) in Denmark who we report to annually.